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About JeffJag

I'm a life-long artist. Started drawing young and worked in all sorts of media, I grew up loving comic books so that has always been a huge creative influence, but I studied photo realism and anatomy through my early years. Pencil, pen, watercolor, and acrylic are my favorite physical media.  I learned to draw by learning to see the world.  Having those hard-won physical media skills is a big part of my artistic journey,  

I also feel as digital-native as it gets since I have been using Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects since 1998/99 and professionally since 2001, In college I was trained in 3D design, compositing, editing, and animation, and have since worked my entire career as a pro Graphic Designer and Motion Designer. It's not hard to find my previous work online. I'm old and I've got a digital footprint the size of 300dpi! (digital resolution dad joke). 

It's important to note my history because so much of the rhetoric and narrative around ai tools at this point paints it's users in a negative light to say the least.  But also because that gives me a perspective from both sides of the argument.  I come from working in 3d programs that take vector data and turn it into pixel-based renderings where I sit tuning values and checking output and developing my images,  I see heavy  parallels between 3D and ai tools.  It also shares a common metaphor with photography because of the "button press" mechanism of triggering a digital/mechanical process that captures an image.  I understand the way these work at a basic level.  I've been creating art with ai generative tools since summer of 2021 so at the time of this writing, have been invested deeply in learning these tools for over 2 years.  I have zero ethical issues using ai tools to create art.  I am the artist of the art I create. 

JeffJag - Denver, CO Sep 28 2023

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