by JeffJag

AmbrosiaQuark is a digital painting created entirely in Procreate over 97.5 hours by JeffJag in May/June 2024.  AI was not used in it's creation - it didn't warrant it.  Mint up to 20 for 0.0016eth/each

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Take My Mind
by JeffJag

My 2024 Open Edition, available to mint all year long for 0.0077eth on Base L2.  This digital artwork is a highly in-painted creation at an incredible 10k x 12k resolution.  Created with Photoshop and Generative AI tools Stable Diffusion and SDXL. More info in description.

2024 Open Edition Ξ 0.0077 on Base

by JeffJag

Two of my 2018 watercolor paintings sharing space in the latent for a new Amplified Vision of Materialism, created with AI generative tools SDXL and Photoshop. More info in listing description.

Bids start at Ξ 0.42

Shared Thought Process
by JeffJag

Digital art made with AI generative tools. This is the first artwork I've created using LCM with Stable Diffusion XL and Krita with my Wacom Intuos for real-time feedback interpreting my digital art as generated by AI.

Timed Open Edition has closed.

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Thanks for Sleeping AI by JeffJag

AI generative tools have changed the way I think about digital art from the ground up in every stage of production. Knowing that anything can be fundamentally altered to suit the storytelling means we are less limited than ever. The image is King.

This AI Animation and Sound based on a 3D animation I made in 2021 minted on Rarible. So for this fantastic opportunity to get on the front page of this royalty supporting, artist promoting, DAO run marketplace, I was inspired to use that piece as a video source for this AI animation. This version morphs and shifts in a way the original 3D didn't and shines even brighter as a result.

I released this animation as an Open Edition in partnership with that was on their front page November 15-16 2023.  It was available to collect for 0.005eth during that time. Big thanks to the collectors as 28 editions were ultimately collected.

by JeffJag

digital art made with AI generative
tools using a custom process

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Pulp-fi by JeffJag // September 2023 // Digital Art

A set of 'published styled' Pulp-fi covers from another time and place that has either passed or will never be.   The people are consumed by the technology and covered in writing no one can read.   Its a relic that keeps stories and contains secrets. The language is pretty.   They're each uniquely conjured with precise intent and consistent visual language that crosses from many physical material realms but also hyper-spatial dimensions.   Technology is also a huge influence, and so is the printing press and screen printing and hand writing. But it's all from the very real machine world of a certain era. What era was that again?   These are the effects of worn publishing methods that were printed as 'new' once but have been shuffled around, dropped, dismissed, and forgotten to time.   Their faded surface scars are textures that mix out of context with three dimensional objects living in the same space as print and writing applied to two dimensional surfaces.   The feelings come from a rigid chromatic matrix. It's abstract but sharp, because uncertainty is failure. The search for meaning is inconclusive. It's only through experimentation and practice to bend and distort, as if exerting control, he was able to state the obvious.

Bidder's Limited Edition

A "bidder's edition" is a multiple edition piece of artwork (like a print) awarded to the anyone who bids during a certain time period. 

It was minted and divided amongst the wallets that bid on this collection of work on October 3rd 2023.


These images were created using AI image generation tools through a new workflow & process I invented called 'Structure+Color' based in ComfyUI running SDXL locally. 

AI image generation tools are software programs that can create images using artificial intelligence which ultimately helps me make art. Sometimes also called Post-Photography or Synthography, but in the end its art I made with digital tools.

The titles of the work are descriptive of the work.  Some are more abstract, others figurative. 


The first draft of each image in this collection is created from the DNA of two other images.  I created a process that takes the structure from one and the color from the other image.  Then combines it with a refined text-prompt. 

Each  image was upscaled in a totally dope way using tiles to make crazy-huge images. This results in a natively-rendered image 3,500 x 5,250 px PNG files in sRGB color space.

Post processing is an important step that takes me back to Procreate and PS. Sometimes that process loops back into SDXL then back to those image editors. Each image has a different path to finished.

All Rights Reserved. The artist retains all rights to this artwork, including the exclusive right to reproduce it in any form.  Any unauthorized reproduction of this artwork is a violation of the artist's copyright.

SuperAlive2-banner 4

by JeffJag

Crystal Grunge
Saved in PNG format Made with AI Art tools using pixels.

This is the second version of this image. I announced that the art would be updated unless purchased with one week notice ending on Friday July 28th 2023 on X.  Once purchased the art will not change, but I reserve the option to update it until then.  The original version(s) of the art will not be minted again.

Synthography 4,608 x 6,656px

Terms of Service - By owning this Artwork you are given the following rights and agree to the following terms set by the Artist: i - One physical signed print of the Artwork available to the 1st owner of the digital collectible (right of refusal) as verified by the blockchain. ii - The signed print will only be created at the 1st owner's request and is optional. It will be printed and shipped by the Artist at the owner's expense at cost (no markup, just cost of printing + shipping). Payment to be sent to JeffJag.eth in Ether at the current exchange value at time of shipping. No time limit on redemption of print barring so called "acts of god," said the Atheist. iii - 10% Royalty Fee of any secondary sale will go to the artist via on-chain protocol, or sent directly to JeffJag.eth as a fallback if the payment fails, if on-chain royalties aren't supported by the marketplace, or if the transaction was conducted peer to peer or "over the counter" without the aid of a marketplace smart contract. In human terms... keep it real, yo. iv - The digital and physical versions exist as one Artwork asset and are linked by the power of the Artist's mind + the blockchain in perpetuity. v - Any owner of the Artwork will do their best to keep these two aspects of the Artwork together in a metaphysical sense. vi - All Rights Reserved, Copyright JeffJag llc 2023. Rights of the Image does not transfer.

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